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  Magnetic, artistic, captivating, and unbelievable, are just a few adjectives to describe what the new millennium world label, a creative genius. Singer, songwriter and musician Maxwell "Lattie" Taylor fervently captures and inspires many by his artistic collage of musical talent. Best known for his legendary ability to sound like an incredible array of pop stars from the 50's to the 90's, Maxwell has got the scoop on igniting the stage with his high-energy acts. His versatility as a musician and singer has made him a prime target for a wide variety of headlines, news and entertainment venues. Within recent years, live local performances have been the key factor to Maxwell's thriving popularity.

With his one man show he ignites the stage with high-energy acts. Amazingly, Maxwell combines his soulful,  sultry,  5-octave range voice with exceptional, distinguished legendary impersonations. Michael Jackson, Barry White, Elvis Presley, Prince and Patsy Cline are only a few of the array of musical legends Maxwell replicates like magic. To his surprise, Maxwell was once asked, why does he sing legendary songs to impersonate rather than displaying his own voice? Well, the surprise answer was reasonably tenable. "I've noticed over the years that performing with the same voice and style became quite tedious and dull to audiences. I now like bringing back to life what has been celebrated through music. There is an unusual excitement in an audience when there is a visual aura of the original celebrated entertainer. I'm giving honor to artists that have highly impacted my life. This is my way of giving back to those legends."